“The fashion jewellery collections and gifts by Clara Bijoux are true artisan jewels carefully made by expert and patient hands. Each item requires a thorough a careful colour selection to make them attractive from the chromatic point of view”.

“The colourful style of classical lines, inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau is the most characteristic feature of -Clara Bijoux- fashion jewellery collections. Their items made of stamped brass are known for their design, quality, and enamelling by hand, colour after colour”.

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Lastest news

We are pleased to present our latest line of costume jewellery Art Collection in which we can make replicas of works of art. In our catalogue you will find all the different jewellery and gift items on which the artistic motifs can be applied. It is designed with the aim of being personalized pieces with the most appealing motif for your stores and businesses, such as paintings, sculptures, or decorative patterns. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out all the possibilities offered by this new line of costume jewellery.